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Kim, C-Y (2023) 
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Science of Emotion and Sensibility, 25(3), 107-116.

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Complex Shapes are bluish, darker and more saturated; shape-color correspondence in 3D object perception.
Frontiers in Psychology, 13:854574.



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2015_Lee, M., Blake, R., Kim, S., & Kim,

Lee, M., Blake, R., Kim, S., & Kim, C-Y. (2015) 
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2015_Kim, C-Y., Kim, Y., & Kim H. W..png

Kim, C-Y., Kim, Y., & Kim H. W. (2015)
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Journal of Korean Society of Color Studies, 29(1), 149-161.

2015_Kim,C-Y.,Kim,Y.,&Kim H.W..png

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2010_Thornton-Wells etal..png

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- Cover article of Trends in Cognitive Sciences Volume 9, No.8.
- Announced as the 17th most downloaded article by Elsevier in December, 2005.



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