Human beings are social beings. We’re surrounded by our conspecifics and interacting with

  them constantly in our daily lives. Thus, visual stimuli conveying socially significant inform-  
  ation – e.g., other people’s faces with emotional expressions, their eye gaze, movement or-  
  gestures – are very special to us. Of particular interest to us is how perception of these so-  
  cially meaningful visual stimuli interacts with conscious visual awareness  
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We have been studying social perception using point-light biological motion animation stim-

  uli. Published works include,  
  • Kim, C-Y., Grossman, E. D., & Blake, R. (2013) Neural Activity Reflecting Perceptual  Awareness of Biologically Relevant Events. Korean Journal of Cognitive and Biological Psychology, 25(2), 153-172.
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Exciting new studies on social perception are on-going. Topics include,

  • Social rivalry (binocular rivalry with faces with different social/affective values acquired through associative learning)