Chai-Youn Kim


Associate Professor
Department of Psychology, Korea University

1997                 B.A. Department of Aesthetics, Seoul National University
2000                 M.A. Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Sciences, Seoul National University
2006                 Ph D. Department of Psychology, Vanderbilt University
2006 - 2007    Postdoctoral Researcher, Vanderbilt University
2007 - 2008    Research Assistant Professor, Yonsei University
2008 -              Assistant Professor, Korea University
2013 -              Associate Professor, Korea University
Selected Awards
2009                Association for Psychological Science(APS) "Rising Star"
2009-2013     Suktap Award in recognition of Excellence in Teaching, Korea University
Research Interest
Neural Mechanisms of Visual Cognition
Visual Awareness / Consciousness - Synesthesia, Bistable Perception including Binocular Rivalry
Art and Brain
Social Perception

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