July 23rd, 2017 Sujin has joined David Alais's lab at University of Sydney as a PhD student. Good  
    luck, Sujin!  
  July 19th, 2017 A paper in which Chai-Youn participated¬†"Sequential effects in preference decision:  
    Prior preference assimilates current preference"¬†has been accepted for publication  
    in PLoS One. Congratulations, Chai-Youn!¬†  
  May 15th, 2017 Ji-Eun, one of the founding members of VCN has signed for an assistant professor  
    position at the department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of  
    Washington. Congratulations, Ji-Eun!  
  May 11th 2017 Hyun-Woong's paper "[i] is Lighter and More Greenish than [o]: Intrinsic Association  
    between Vowel Sounds and Colors" has been accepted for publication in Multisensory  
    Research. Congratulations, Hyun-Woong!