Feb 27th, 2018 Hyun-Woong has been announced as the recipient of "KU Graduate Student  
    Achivement Award 2018". Congratulation, Hyun-Woong!  
  Feb 24th, 2018 Mi-jeong and Hyun-Woong the new Masters in Science from VCN! Congratulations,  
    Mi-jeong and Hyun-Woong!  
  Feb 3rd, 2018 A paper in which Chai-Youn participated "Why is the synesthete's "A" red? Using a  
    five-language dataset to disentangle the effects of shape, sound, semantics, and  
    ordinality on inducer-concurrent relationships in grapheme-color synesthesia" has  
    been published in Cortex. Congratulations, Chai-Youn!  
  Feb 2nd, 2018 Hyun-Woong received a "Best Presentation Award" at the 2018 Annual Meeting of  
    the Korean Association for Cognitive and Biological Psychology. Congratulations,  
  Jan 8th, 2018 Hyunseok Lee and Soo-Young Hwang have joined VCN as graduate students.  
    Welcome Hyunseok and Soo-Young!